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Y Square

Judith Park
Judith Park

Yoshitaka Kogirei is not very successful with girls, which wears him out a lot. His new classmate, Yagate, on the contrary, seems to attract the ladies just with ease. Frustrated to no end, Yoshitaka asks Yagate for his recipe for success - and the master agrees to give him a few tips! When Yoshitaka learns that Yagate is a judge in the school's upcoming Beauty Contest, his new friend proposes that Yoshitaka should join him by standing in for a sick member of the judging committee. But when his dream girl steps the stage, Yoshitaka can no longer keep his macho temperament in check - and everything goes downhill from there!


Judith Park, born in 1984, began drawing manga at six-years-old. When she doesn't draw, Korean-born Park plays piano and violin. In 2005, she won the Sondermann prize for Best German Manga.


Yen Press, paperback, 192 pages, published December 2007


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