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XS Hybrid

S. Ji-Hyung
S. Ji-Hyung

In a strange future where gifted, "hybrid" humans police the planet, Mina is a likeable tomboy with growing psychic powers. When a young boy falls into a coma after gazing into her eyes, it's clear that there's more to Mina than her pretty looks. This young boy, Hinchang, grows up to be quite a daredevil, and his awkward, secret love for Mina fuels his protective fire when mysterious men arrive, bringing the violence of the "hybrid" world with them!


One of the titles in Dark Horse's new Manhwa line of Korean, manga-style trade paperbacks, XS Hybrid is an exciting new series with frenetic chases, charming characters, and futuristic risks, from the creator of "'Til Death Do Us Part," one of the top Manga in Square Enix's Manga library (currently running in Young GanGan comics monthly).


Dark Horse, paperback, 192 pages, published June 2007


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