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X Omnibus Volume 2

Steven Grant
Javier Saltares

Nothing in Arcadia is what it seems. Beneath its façade of order and industry lies a corrupt brotherhood of criminals, cronies, and cops all drawing from the same tainted well. But there’s a wrench in this dirty machine, a leather-clad, one-eyed, one-man wrecking crew bent on tearing down the lie of Arcadia, brick-by-brick. The man known as X cares about only one thing, the rule of law. Unfortunately, that law is X.

X Omnibus Volume 2 collects for the first time the audacious, critically-acclaimed Dark Horse series. Violent and morally ambiguous, X walks the thin line between mission and madness and shows that the devil you know may be better, much better, than the devil you don’t. This volume includes X issues #12 to 25; “Someone to Watch Over Me” from Dark Horse Extra #28 to 31, all never before collected. Written by Steven Grant, with art by Javier Saltares, Chris Warner, Andrew Pepoy, Tim Bradstreet, Frank Miller, Chris Brunner and featuring a cover from Dave Dorman.

Dark Horse, paperback, 352 pages, published August 2008


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