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X-Men Vs. Apocalypse Volume 2 : Ages of Apocalypse

The Shi'Ar on the Moon, Cable and his wife in Egypt, Wolverine in the Negative Zone - what's wrong with this picture? Apocalypse has risen from the past to change timelines until he finds one he likes - but when the original X-Man looks him in the eye, both men are lost, leaving the X-Men to comb the world for friend and enemy alike!

Will Cyclops literally become the thing he fears and hates the most, and vice versa? And where does the Red Skull fit into all of this? Anywhere he wants to! Guest-starring the Hulk, Machine Man, Deathlok and more!

Collecting X-51 #8, Uncanny X-Men #378 and Annual 1999, Cable #77, Wolverine #148, X-Men Unlimited #26, X-Men #98 and X-Men: the Search of Cyclops issues #1 to 4. Written by Karl Bollers, Alan Davis, Terry Kavanagh, Joe Pruett, Erik Larsen, Brett Booth (who also provides the cover art), Matt Nixon and Joseph Harris, with pencils by Joe Bennett, Adam Kubert, Graham Nolan, Rick Leonardi, Bernard Chang, Roger Cruz, Brett Booth, Toby Cypress, Alan Davis and Tom Raney.

Marvel, paperback, 288 pages, published September 2008



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