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X-Men Vs Fantastic Four Premiere Hardcover Cover A

Chris Claremont
Jon Bogdanove

Old soldiers may fade away, but so do young mutants! On the verge of disintegration, Kitty Pryde seems resigned to her doom - but the X-Men will do anything to save her, even bargain with a worse doom...Doctor Doom! What stunning secret prevents Mister Fantastic and the Fantastic Four from saving the day instead? Is he terrified of failing because his greatest failure, the fateful rocket flight, might have really been his greatest success? Do the answers all come down to wunderkind Franklin Richards?


Plus: the classic tale of the two teams' original face-off in Marvel's early era! Collecting Fantastic Four vs. The X-Men issues #1 to 4 and Fantastic Four #28, written by Chris Claremont and Stan Lee, pencilled by Jon Bogdanove and Jack Kirby, with covers by Bogdanove.

Marvel, hardback, 136 pages, published December 2009


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