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X-Men/Steve Rogers : Escape From The Negative Zone

James Asmus
Nick Bradshaw

It should come as no surprise: Bad things happen to good people in the Negative Zone. When the X-Men try to build an extradimensional bridge to Limbo, an explosion sucks Cyclops, Hope, Dr. Nemesis and Namor the Sub-Mariner into the Negative Zone instead! Cast adrift in the strange dimension, the X-Men are besieged by giant monsters, insectoid soldiers, and the lord and master of the Negative Zone himself: Blastaar, the Living Bomb-Burst!

As Namor goes mad from lack of water, and Dr. Nemesis pursues his own agenda, Blastaar captures Cyclops and Hope — broadcasting hostage demands back to Earth. Enter Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier — the original Captain America! Collecting Uncanny X-Men Annual (2006) #3, Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier Annual #1 and Namor: The First Mutant Annual #1, written by James Asmus, pencilled by Nick Bradshaw, Ibraim Roberson & Max Fiumara, with a cover by Nick Bradshaw.

Marvel, paperback, 112 pages, published July 2012


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