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X-Men : Reckless Abandonment

Brian Wood
David Lopez

The X-Men meet the last living Proto-Mutant — but in the aftermath, Storm’s leadership is called into question, and the Storm/Cyclops divide widens as the team starts to unravel. A new member joins Storm’s squad, but whose side are they really on? And Colossus has his own agenda, but will he leave the team to pursue it?

Then: It’s action, adventure and romance when Domino teams up with Daredevil to take down Armitage! But whose side will Domino take in the end? And finally, what happens to a team when they lose the trust that binds them? At the end of one era, Storm puts a squad together to search for the start of the next. But how do Angel, Iceman, Chamber and Pixie feel about the direction in which the X-Men are heading? Collecting X-Men (2010) #36-41, written by Brian Wood & Seth Peck, pencilled by David Lopez, Paul Azaceta & Jefte Palo, with cover art by David Lopez.

Marvel, paperback, 136 pages, published April 2013


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