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X-Men : Manifest Destiny Hardcover

Mike Carey
Michael Ryan

The X-Men have arrived in San Francisco - but Wolverine finds he's left more than his heart there! Something happened in Chinatown more than 50 years ago...something that the people there still have not forgotten. And now Logan finds himself a marked man, pursued by fighters from every dojo in town - not to mention the mystical warriors of the criminal Triad and their merciless leader...who just happens to be Logan's ex-girlfriend.


Also, Nightcrawler realizes a hard truth - he has to quit the X-Men. Don't miss the departure of one of the most important characters in X-Men history. Also includes Iceman's battle with an old, deadly foe and Avalanche's experience running a bar in San Francisco.Plus, find out what Boom Boom has been up to since Nextwave!


Collecting Wolverine: Manifest Destiny issues #1 to 4, X-Men Manifest Destiny: Nightcrawler #1 and X-Men: Manifest Destiny: Iceman, Nightcrawler, Boom-Boom and Avalanche, written by Jason Aaron, Mike Carey, James Asmus and Frank Tieri, penciled by Stepeh Segovia, Michael Ryan, Takeshi Miyazawa, Ben Oliver and Chris Burnham, cover by Michael Turner.

Marvel, hardback, 192 pages, published May 2009



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