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X-Men : Legacy - Sins of the Father Premiere Hardcover

Xavier traces his history and the history of the X-Men to the core. What he finds will shock you. And what do Rogue, Gambit and Sebastian Shaw have to do with it? Then, Sinister’s machinations finally come to a head, after decades of preparations. Can Xavier discover the secrets to the plot against his mind before he loses his sanity? Or will he become another in a long line of victims? Either way, he just may learn things about his past he’ll come to regret.

Guest starring Sebastian Shaw and the deadliest gator in the swamp, Gambit and collecting X-Men: Legacy issues #213 to 216, plus two special bonus stories: the rare X-Men: the Unlikely Saga of Xavier, Magneto and Stan one-shot, written by Stan “The Man” Lee himself; and the X-Men: Odd Men Out one-shot, featuring artwork by the late, legendary Dave Cockrum. Written by Mike Carey, with pencils from Scot Eaton and cover artwork by Ken Lashley.

Marvel, hardback, 168 pages, published November 2008


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