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X-Men Legacy : Five Miles South of the Universe Premiere HC

Mike Carey
Khoi Pham

Wayward X-Man Marvel Girl only managed to leave a brief psychic message with Rogue before being ripped away from Earth -- and thrown back into the middle of an extraterrestrial war! Now, Rogue and her team of X-Men are on an intergalactic search-and-rescue mission, hoping to pull their long-lost team-mates from the fray.

But in what condition will they find Marvel Girl, Havok and Polaris? Plus: In the aftermath of Schism, the X-Men are divided. As the teams part ways, Rogue, Magneto and Gambit attend to unfinished business, hoping to avoid answering the question: Whose side are they on? Collecting X-Men Legacy #254-260, written by Mike Carey, pencilled by Steve Kurth & Khoi Pham, with a cover by Clay Mann.

Marvel, hardback, 168 pages, published February 2012


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