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X-Men Legacy : Aftermath Premiere Hardcover

Mike Carey
Rafa Sandoval

After suffering heavy damage during Bastion’s attack on mutantkind, the city of San Francisco is rebuilding. Hoping to aid in the reconstruction effort, Cyclops tasks a team of X-Men — including the newly arrived mutant messiah, Hope — to lend a hand. But when something goes terribly wrong, will the X-Men lose everything they fought for?

Plus: After surviving the Age Of X, Rogue and Magneto recognize they’ve been through a lot together — and grown closer because of it. But when Rogue forces Magneto to confront the horrors of his past, their relationship may just reach a breaking point.

Collecting X-Men Legacy #242-244 and #248-249, plus all-new OHOTMU-style profiles for Blindfold, Hellion and Omega Sentinel, written by Mike Carey, pencilled by Paul Davidson, Harvey Tolibao & Rafa Sandoval; with a cover by Mico Suayan.

Marvel, hardback, 128 pages, published July 2011


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