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X-Men Forever Volume 4

Chris Claremont
Graham Nolan

For our Salem-based X-Men, you’d think a trip to the South would be all buttermilk biscuits and bacon. But Nightcrawler and Rogue’s journey past the Mason-Dixie line puts them in the crosshairs of a familiar face known for her feminine…do we really need to say it?

Then, mysteries continue to mount regarding the “mutant burnout” phenomena and the shadowy organization known only as the “Consortium”. After ferreting out a complex network of double-agents infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury is left with only one choice: to infiltrate the Consortium himself. With a team of X-Men behind him, the Consortium is about to get hit by Hurricane Nicholas!

Plus, take a trip behind the visor as X-Legend Chris Claremont delivers a special spotlight story that will change the way you look at Cyclops! Don’t miss this classic tale of the original X-Man!

Collecting X-Men Forever issues #16 to 20 and X-Men Forever Annual #1, written by Chris Claremont, pencilled by Graham Nolan, Kerry Gammill & Tom Grummett, with a cover by Grummett.

Marvel, paperback, 152 pages, published August 2010


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