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X-Men : First To Last Premiere Hardcover

Paco Medina

Think you know everything there is to know about the original X-Men? Think again! Something happened to Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel, Iceman and Professor X years ago — a secret so horrible it’s been locked away in a dark corner of Cyclops’ mind until today. What crisis strikes in the present that calls upon memories of the past? Witness the astonishing debut of the Evolutionaries! Who are they, and why doesn’t anyone remember when they fought Xavier and his original five X-Men?

Cyclops and his crew on Utopia better figure out quick, or the Evolutionaries are going to wipe out every human on the planet. That’s right, every human. Collecting X-Men (2010) issues #12 to 15 and X-Men Giant Size #1, written by Chris Yost, pencilled by Paco Medina & Dalibor Talijic, with cover artwork by Ed McGuinness.

Marvel, hardback, 136 pages, published September 2011


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