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X-Men Blue Volume 3 : Cross Time Capers

Cullen Bunn
Thony Silas
What do you get when you mix five time-displaced teens, a time machine and one fractured timeline? You get Jean, Scott, Hank, Warren and Bobby — impromptu time cops! The original X-Men and their new allies must survive long enough to fix what went wrong with the timestream — which isn’t easy when they’re stranded in the not-too-far future. If only there were a similar group of mutant heroes that could help them out — like the X-Men 2099! 
The adventure through the eras continues as the Blue crew meet the original Generation X! And back in the past, they’re reunited at last with Professor X — and the villainous Magneto! But with the timestream in ruins — all the fault of the X-Men — can they fix everything that has gone wrong…even if it means battling themselves? Collecting X-Men Blue #16-20, written by Cullen Bunn, with art by Thony Silas and R. B. Silva, with cover artwork by Arthur Adams.
Marvel, paperback, 112 pages, published Marvel 2018 








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