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X-Men Blue Volume 1 : Strangest

Cullen Bunn
Jorge Molina
Like a bolt from the blue, the original five X-Men reunite — like never before! And this time, Jean Grey is in charge! Cyclops, Iceman, Angel and Beast follow her into action, bringing mutant criminals to justice and restoring a heroic sheen to their team. But how well can they do that when their new mentor is their one-time archenemy? That’s right — Magneto has joined the original X-Men! And not everyone can put old rivalries aside. 
The X-Men encounter the new Marauders, Mister Sinister and the delights of Madripoor — but with tensions rising, can the team come together to be a cohesive force for good? Or will ulterior motives and personal quests derail the entire enterprise? At the end of the day, who can be trusted? Collecting X-Men Blue #1-6, written by Cullen Bunn, with art by Jorge Molina and Matteo Buffagni, and cover artwork from Arthur Adams.
Marvel, paperback, 144 pages, published August 2017 







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