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X-Men : Beauty & the Beast Premiere Hardcover Cover A

Jim Shooter
Don Perlin

After Alison Blaire is outed as a mutant and her musical career comes to a screeching halt, Dazzler ends up associating with an experimental underground theatre group that serves as a front for a gladiatorial arena in which mutants battle to the death! Fortunately, Hank Mccoy shows up -- but is he in time to save her, or will Beauty battle Beast in a fight to the finish?

Plus: Is that really Dr. Doom's son? Collecting Marvel Graphic Novel #12: Dazzler -- The Movie; Beauty & The Beast (1984) issues #1-4, and material from Marvel Heartbreakers #1, written by Jim Shooter, Ann Nocenti & Jim McCann, pencilled by Frank Springer, Don Perlin & David Lopez, with a cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Marvel, hardback, 184 pages, published July 2012

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