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X-Men : X-Corps

Joe Casey
Ian Churchill

Chamber graduates from Generation X just in time to enjoy the (ahem) celebrity status of being an X-Man — but when his whirlwind romance with a pop star hits the tabloids, is Chamber just the flavour of the month? Plus, the X-Men investigate a mutant brothel in Nevada and gain a troubled new member: the seductive Stacy X! But when the bigoted zealots from the Church of Humanity target all mutants for genocide, can the team’s two newest members pull their weight?

Then: Distraught over his true love’s death, Banshee forms a paramilitary mutant team to keep the peace in Europe. But something sinister lurks beneath his good intentions. Who’s really pulling the strings? Plus: The drug-dealing threat of…the Vanisher?! Writer Joe Casey (Vengeance, WildC.A.T.s, Butcher Baker) takes on the X-Men! Collecting Uncanny X-Men (1963) #394-409 and Annual 2001, written by Joe Casey, pencilled by Ian Churchill, Sean Phillips, Tom Raney, Ashley Wood, Ron Garney & Aaron Lopresti, with cover artwork by Ian Churchill.

Marvel, paperback, 464 pages, published October 2013



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