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X-Man : Dance With The Devil


Nate Grey continues trying to make a home for himself in the Marvel Universe — but even with new friend Spider-Man by his side, that’s not easy! The Abomination has kidnapped Nate’s girlfriend, Threnody; Madelyne Pryor has joined forces with the reinvigorated Hellfire Club; the twisted Sugar Man has opened a time portal back to the Age of Apocalypse; and the blood-crazed Morbius is looking for a bite!

And as if all that weren’t enough, Havok and his new Brotherhood have offered Nate a place in their ranks — but their roster includes fellow AoA refugee the Dark Beast, and they plan to take over the world! In the face of all this adversity, what’s an unbelievably powerful psionic mutant to do?

Guest-starring Bishop, Cyclops, Phoenix and more! Collecting X-Man issues #20 to 29 and Annual ’96, and Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #420, written by Terry Kavanagh, Tom Defalco and Ralph Macchio, pencilled by Steve Skroce, Roger Cruz, Manny Clark, Casey Jones, Pasqual Ferry, Alan Davis and Terry Dodson, with cover by artwork Alan Davis.

Marvel, paperback, 344 pages, published December 2012




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