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X-Force : Sex & Violence

Grant Morrison

Undercover and under covers! Wolverine wants Domino. He wants her bad. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one: She’s being hunted by the infamous Assassin’s Guild. Sensing her mutant-powered luck is about to run out, Domino accepts Wolverine’s help, and the two set about fending off their attackers — and putting the moves on each other. But with the Assassin’s Guild calling in all its super-powered heavy-hitters, can the X-Force teammates compete against this murderer’s row of villains while distracted by each other?

Collecting X-Force: Sex And Violence issues #1 to 3. And see where the sex and violence began for Wolverine and Domino in the New X-Men Annual 2001, written by Craig Kyle, Chris Yost and Grant Morrison, pencilled by Gabriele Dell’Otto and Leinil Yu, with a cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

Marvel, paperback, 120 pages, published June 2011


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