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X-Force : Phalanx Covenant Premiere Hardcover Cover B

Fabian Nicieza
Tony Daniel

The incredible conclusion to Fabian Nicieza’s definitive X-Force run! When the techno-organic Phalanx kidnap the X-Men and establish a foothold on Earth, X-Force must team with X-Factor and Excalibur to battle the aliens — but who or what is Douglock? And how will X-Force react to fighting alongside what appears to be their late friend Doug Ramsey? Then: Cable’s sentient computer the Professor has been granted a physical body! So why is Cable getting sicker by the day?

Plus: The team moves into Arcade’s Murderworld, Warpath visits Generation X’s academy to settle matters with the White Queen, Rictor and Shatterstar hit the clubs, and disturbing truths come to light when X-Force learns Feral’s gruesome family history and the true identity of Mutant Liberation Front leader Reignfire is revealed!

Collecting X-Factor (1986) #106, X-Force (1991) issues #38 to 43 and Excalibur (1988) #82, written by Scott Lobdell, Todd Dezago and Fabian Nicieza, pencilled by Roger Cruz, Jan Duursema, Tony Daniel, Steve Epting, Ken Lashley and Terry Dodson, with cover artwork by Tony Daniel.

Marvel, hardback, 256 pages, published August 2013





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