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X-Factor Volume 6 : Secret Invasion Cover B

Peter David

Earth has been infiltrated! The shape-shifting alien Skrulls have seeded the ranks of the world's governments, businesses and even super-hero organizations with sleeper agents bent on a global coup. Now, it's up to X-Factor Investigations and everyone's favorite green bounty hunter She-Hulk to uncover the plot and punch the conspirators repeatedly.


When X-Factor receives word that the X-Man Darwin has gone missing, they begin investigating immediately. Little do they suspect that Darwin has fallen in with the dimension-hopping X-Man Longshot, newly returned to the Marvel Universe. Although Longshot's powers alter luck in his favour, it seems trouble follows him endlessly; it will take all of Darwin's unusual abilities to survive this "friendship".


Collecting X-Factor issues #33 to 38 and She-Hulk #31, wlritten by Peter David, penciled by Larry Stroman, Valentine De Landro and Vincenzo Cucca; features cover artwork by Boo Cook.

Marvel, paperback, 168 pages, published May 2009


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