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Wolverine & the X-Men by Jason Aaron Volume 2 Premiere Hardcover

Jason Aaron
Nick Bradshaw

When Kitty Pryde appears to have become pregnant overnight, Beast, Iceman and Rachel Grey shrink down and enter Kitty’s bloodstream to discover the truth behind her…condition! Meanwhile, Wolverine and Kid Omega travel to an intergalactic casino to win enough money to keep the Jean Grey School going! And when a billion Brood invade the school, Kitty, Broo the Broodling and an army of Bamfs must face a new, unstoppable foe!

And if all that weren’t enough, Sabretooth takes on Beast in the most vicious fight ever set to paper, and Angel undertakes a dangerous repair mission when Wolverine is stricken with a problem nobody ever thought he’d face. Collecting Wolverine & The X-Men issues #5 to 8, written by Jason Aaron, pencilled by Nick Bradshaw and Chris Bachalo, with cover artwork by Nick Bradshaw.

Marvel, hardback, 112 pages, published August 2012


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