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Wolverine & The X-Men By Jason Aaron Volume 2

Jason Aaron
Nick Bradshaw

After surviving the new Hellfire Club's opening salvo, Wolverine and the X-Men face a crisis of a different kind: funding for the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Wolverine's only option to keep the school open is a trip across the universe to bet everything at an intergalactic casino. Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde's pregnant - but has no idea how it happened. And a Brood-hunting monster has come from space to take out his target at the Jean Grey School, and he'll kill anyone who gets in his way - which is just about everyone on the Logan-less campus.

Plus: the new Hellfire Club wants another shot at destroying everything Wolverine has ever loved - and they've hired Sabretooth to make that a reality! Collecting Wolverine & The X-Men issues #5 through 8, written by Jason Aaron, pencilled by Nick Bradshaw and Chris Bachalo, featuring cover artwork from Nick Bradshaw.

Marvel, paperback, 104 pages, published February 2013


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