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Wolverine : Wolverine's Revenge

Jason Aaron
Renato Guedes

Wolverine dishes out bitter retribution! James Howlett, Logan, Weapon X, Patch. In his many lives, Wolverine has known great pain — but never did he suffer more than at the hands of the Devil himself in the depths of Hell. Now, he takes on the cult that sent him there to burn: The Right Red Hand. And in doing so, Wolverine will experience a new kind of agony.

Witness the bloody carnage as the feral X-Man dishes out vengeance in a gauntlet of hand-to-hand battles with the Right Red Hand’s lethal Enforcers, The Mongrels. And unravel the conspiracy that will change his life forever as he fights to uncover the mysteries behind the Red Right Hand and its ages-old plan to defile his soul. Collecting Wolverine (2010) #10-16, written by Jason Aaron, pencilled By Renato Guedes & Goran Sudzuka, with a cover by Jae Lee.

Marvel, paperback, 168 pages, published April 2012


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