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Wolverine : The Return Of Weapon X

Frank Tieri
Sean Chen

It begins with a series of unsettling dreams, but Wolverine’s nightmares soon become reality: The Weapon X Program, the sadistic agency that implanted his Adamantium skeleton, has returned! Accused of killing a senator and imprisoned, Wolverine is “rescued” by Weapon X — but what’s really going on? Which other faces from Wolverine’s past are being targeted for forcible recruitment? And what is the disturbing secret of Weapon X’s new director?

Plus: Wolverine faces Mr. X, a martial-arts master with a fetish for death and an obsession to become “the best there is;” battles his dead mentor Ogun; and deals with the threats of Mauvais and the Wendigo! But can a powerless Wolverine defeat the team of Sabretooth, Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike? Guest-starring Alpha Flight and the Beast!

Collecting Wolverine (1988) isues #159 to 176 and Annual 2000 to 2001, written by Frank Tieri and Matt Nixon, pencilled by Jorge Santamaria, Sean Chen, Mark Texeira, Dan Fraga, Matthew Marsilla and Killian Plunkett, featuring cover artwork by Sean Chen.

Marvel, paperback, 544 pages, published September 2013


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