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Wolverine Noir

Stuart Moore
C.P. Smith

Jim Logan — of the Logan & Logan Detective Agency — is the best there is at what he does. And Mariko Yashida knows that. In town on business, a dutiful daughter handling her father’s affairs, she needs cover. That, Jim Logan can do. But he’ll soon find out there’s not enough money to cover up all the lies.

Not with the streets full of jack rollers — especially a new breed trained in the deadly martial arts under the Bowery overlord, Victor Creed. Not with Logan’s brother, Dog, missing and presumed dead under horrible conditions. And not with his new client seemingly setting up a good man for something bad. But that’s the Bowery for you. A place that offers a man the lowest place on Earth he can sink. Welcome home, Logan.

Collecting Wolverine Noir issues  #1 to 4, written by Stuart Moore, pencilled by C.P. Smith, with cover artwork by Dennis Calero.

Marvel, paperback, 112 pages, published April 2010


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