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Wolverine and Jubilee : Curse of the Mutants Premiere Hardcover

Kathryn Immonen
Phil Noto

Straight out of the pages of X-Men and right into the jugular! Jubilee is about as far away from the ideal X-Man as it’s possible for a 17-year-old minty fresh vampire to be. While the X-Men try to find a way to give her as normal a life as is inhumanly feasible, her decidedly abnormal vampire cravings will not be denied. Between that and her newfound powers, she’s winning the fights — but not the popularity contests among most of the other X-Kids. Most, but not all.

And just when Jubilee starts to think that there’s no place for her anywhere, a group of vampire women make her an offer she can’t refuse. It seems like the perfect solution, unless Wolverine has anything to say about it! Collecting Wolverine and Jubilee #1 to 4 and Jubilee’s first appearance from 1989’s Uncanny X-Men #244, written by Kathryn Immonen with Chris Claremont, pencilled by Phil Noto with Marc Silvestri and featuring a cover by Olivier Coipel.

Marvel, hardback, 120 pages, published June 2011


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