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Wolverine By Larry Hama & Marc Silvestri Volume 1

Larry Hama
Marc Silvestri

In Madripoor, Wolverine runs afoul of drug lords peddling a new and lethal substance: What is Thunderbolt, and how does it make its users unstoppable? Then, a Yukon vacation turns deadly when Wolverine encounters the mythical Hunter in Darkness! And when Lady Deathstrike attacks, Wolverine and his old Alpha Flight buddy Puck fall through a time vortex and wind up in 1937 — where they must team up with Ernest Hemingway to fight the Spanish Civil War! Ask not for whom the bell tolls — it tolls for Logan!

Lethal Larry Hama’s epic Wolverine run begins here, stylishly illustrated by Marc Silvestri (CyberForce, Uncanny X-Men)! Plus: In two classic bonus stories, Wolverine battles Apocalypse in the Savage Land and struggles with his own inner demons when he meets the Neuri! Collecting Wolverine (1988) issues #31 to 37, Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure and also Wolverine: Bloodlust, written by Larry Hama, Walt Simonson & Alan Davis, pencilled by Marc Silvestri, Mike Mignola & Alan Davis, with cover artwork by Marc Silvestri.

Marvel, paperback, 280 pages, published June 2013


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