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Wolverine by Daniel Way the Complete Collection Volume 4

Daniel Way
Daniel Way’s revelation-filled run concludes as Wolverine searches for the shadowy string-puller Romulus! Meanwhile, Wolverine’s son, Daken, is on the hunt for the deadly Muramasa Blade — and in his way stand the X-Men! Repeated setbacks lead Logan to a radical change in tactics, but his new plan needs the help of unlikely allies from all corners of the Marvel Universe. And some of them may not be so willing — including the Hulk! 
But one way or another, Romulus will be revealed — and Wolverine’s vengeance will finally come within reach. And with their final confrontation on the horizon, Wolverine reaches out to the most unpredictable ally of all: Daken! But now that his origins have been revealed, can Wolverine break free of the vicious cycle that has defined his hundred-year life? 
Collecting Wolverine: Origins issues #33 to 50 and Dark Wolverine #85 to 86, written by Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu, pencilled by Doug Braithwaite, Scot Eaton, Will Conrad, Stephen Segovia & Antonio Fuso, and with cover  artwork by Simone Bianchi.
Marvel, paperback, 480 pages, published May 2018 








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