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Wolverine : Blood Wedding

Chris Claremont
Leinil Yu

Wedding bells are ringing in Madripoor — but when the “happy couple” is Wolverine and the villainous Viper, it’s anything but a cause for celebration! Why is Wolverine tying the knot with one of his most vicious foes? What do Shadowcat and Sabretooth have to say about it? And what deadly new advantage makes Sabretooth unbeatable?

X-Men legend Chris Claremont returns to the character he made famous in an old-school, action-packed caper against Hydra and the Hand! Then: Wolverine faces Roughouse and Bloodscream, and teams with Captain America on a quest for self-improvement — but when he battles the Wendigo, it’s all he can do to stay alive! Plus: Wolverine scales a mountain, attends Carnaval and confronts the grim specter of domestic abuse! Guest-starring the ladies of the X-Men!

Collecting Wolverine (1988) issues #123 to 132 and Wolverine: Black Rio, written by Tom DeFalco, Chris Claremont, Todd Dezago, Fabian Nicieza and Joe Casey, pencilled by Denys Cowan, Leinil Francis Yu, Cary Nord and Oscar Jimenez, featuring cover artwork by Jae Lee.

Marvel, paperback, 320 pages, published October 2013


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