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Wolverine & the X-Men By Jason Aaron Volume 7

Jason Aaron
Nick Bradshaw

The Hellfire Saga begins as students at the Jean Grey School go missing! And as a furious Wolverine and Rachel Summers intensify their search, the most villainous school you’ve ever seen has its grand opening. With teachers like Mystique, Sauron, Mojo, Wendigo and Master Pandemonium, there’s no limit to the terrible things the kidnapped students can learn. Can Wolverine and the X-Men find them before they’re turned into villains?

Wolverine corrals the Bamfs into his plans — and the X-Men discover that Krakoa, the island that walks like a man, can fight like one, too! And the landscape of the Jean Grey School is redefined when Wolverine and the X-Men face Mystique, Sabretooth and the Hellfire! Welcome to the Hellfire Academy, where there’s little chance you’ll survive the experience! Collecting Wolverine & The X-Men #30-35, written by Jason Aaron, pencilled by Pasqual Ferry & Nick Bradshaw, with cover artwork by Nick Bradshaw.

Marvel, paperback, 136 pages, published October 2013


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