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Wheels of Terror

Sven Hassel
Jordy Diago
A graphic novel adaptation of Sven Hassel's classic war novel, Wheels of Terror, illustrated by Jordy Diago.
Stationed on the Eastern Front and now equipped with armoured vehicles, Sven Hassel and his comrades from the 27th Penal Regiment fight on remorselessly . . . All of them should be dead: life expectancy on the Front is measured in weeks. But Sven, Porta, the Old Un and the Legionnaire fight to the end, not for Germany, not for Hitler, but for survival.
From the blistering cold to the horrors of tank warfare, Wheels of Terror is a sobering depiction of war's brutalities, and the violence and inhumanity that the history books leave out.
Sven Hassel was born in 1917 in Fredensborg, Denmark. He began writing Legion of the Damned during his time as a prisoner of war. His 14 Second World War books draw on his own encounters and experiences as a soldier, and have been published in more than 50 countries. He peacefully passed away in Barcelona in 2012, where he had resided since 1964. Jordy Diago is an artist, illustrator and photographer from Spain.
"An excellent and faithful adaption of the classic anti-war novel by Sven Hassel" — Pat Mills, author of Charley's War
"Jordy Diago is to be complimented for his achievements; I certainly hope to see more from him"  — Garth Ennis, author of Preacher

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, paperback, 128 pages, published October 2015 





Weidenfeld & Nicolson


Wheels of Terror

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