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Warlord Of Mars Volume 2

Arvid Nelson

John Carter disappeared from Mars as mysteriously as he arrived. Days before he did, an unknown assassin murdered the guardian of the Red Planet's life support system. Carter himself is implicated in the horrific crime, and it's up to his princess, Dejah Thoris, to clear his name. That would be tough enough, but someone is trying to kill Dejah, too! With enemies all around her, both seen and unseen, she'll need all the help she can get.

A murder mystery of Barsoomian proportions and more in the Warlord of Mars Volume 2. Collecting issues #10 to 18 of the comic series absed on Edgar Rice Burroughs' tales, along with a complete cover gallery; written by Arvid Nelson, with art by Stephen Sadowski and Edgar Salazar, featuring cover artwork from Joe Jusko.

Dynamite, paperback, 264 pages, published July 2012

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