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Walking Dead Volume 4 : the Heart's Desire

£11.99  £8.2731 %

The story continues - Rick Grimes and his company are still safe behind bars ... more or less... A somewhat thrilling and suspense introduction to a new new character... combined with the elimination of some former criminal friends gives this fourth issue quite a kick in the right direction... However... The story, as for the second and third issue of The Walking Dead seems once again to stall... I believe this fourth instalment is somewhat better than the second... and perhaps the third...
Sadly it just reminds me of another soap-opera-Beverly-Hills-theme-with-a-zombie-twist...But it is a cool franchise... incredibly beautifull and grotesque drawings and evolving characters...
I believe the biggest problem with zombie stories are the fact that once the world is more or less ruined and ruled by the zombies, theres is not that much to tell... because soon it just becomes average day to day trouble... the most interessting ppart with the zombie genre is the beginning... when there is no one who knows anything... the media is still somehow working and so on... Therefore... Perhaps if there were several flashbacks telling the stories of the different characters it would might be easier to cope with the lack of action in the present story???
Despite all of this... buy the comicbook... read the stories and enjoy...
Date Added: 02/14/2006 by Rasmus Geerthsen