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Walking Dead Volume 3 : Safety Behind Bars

£13.99  £9.6531 %

The third installment picks up where the "Miles Behind Us" stopped - outside the large prison building... The cleasing of the prison, new character introduction ... "old"-character killing-off ´... just a whole lot of action. And... Put the second half of "Days gone bye" along with "Miles behind us" and add about another five to ten buckets of blood and you get "Safety behind bars". But not alone action and gore, a different kind of suspense begins to manifest inside the prison walls. It is not just the living dead outside the prison fence the little party has to fear... but perhaps something (someone?) within. The few survivors makes yet another discovery on the living dead ... or should I say, about themselves and the infection... You better read it yourself, right?
The drawings are as always close to flawless and filled with lovely details and scenery - and the complete black and white pictures makes it all more "authentic"

I love the diveristy in the title: "Safety behind bars" ... everything about this third installment is said with these three words. Read on...
Date Added: 02/21/2006 by Rasmus Geerthsen