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Walking Dead Volume 1 : Days Gone Bye

£13.99  £9.6531 %

Robert Kirkman reanimates the zombie genre with this great "epic-zombie-tale". An introduction of Officer Rick Grimes, reminding a bit of Danny Boyles great movie 28 Days Later - when the maincharacter wakes up to a desolate and somewhat dead world. A journey to find answersm, his family and safety begins... Great story, great artwork - it is truly art... however a bit grotesque from time to time :-)
Kirkmans idea is to tell the story that is never told in zombie movies... Like, what happens when the end credits roll over the screen and you know the maincharacter is stuck in small cabin with plenty of food and weapons, but zombies swarming the country side???

This first graphic novel - Days Gone Bye is so far the best of the Walking Dead series. Robert Kirkman manages to bend and form characters and make them evolve throughout the story - and besides, you get the impression that he is not afffraid to kill off any of his characters, which makes it even more thrilling (and fun) to turn over the next page. Keep it up Kirkman. Buy and read this graphic novel and join Rick Grimes and his companions in this great zombie-tale...
Date Added: 02/21/2006 by Rasmus Geerthsen