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Vermonia Volume 1 : Quest for the Silver Tiger

Yo Yo
Yo Yo

On a distant Blue Star, Mel, Jim, Naomi, and Doug - friends obsessed with their garage band - don’t seem that different from any of the other twelve-year-old skateboarders at Union Middle School. But everything changes when Mel is kidnapped and imprisoned in a world called the Turtle Realm. As her friends rush to save her, guided by the magical squelp Satorin, they find a world terrorized by a conquering army, a land whose villagers' only hope is an ancient prophecy foretelling the arrival of four heroes.


Will they be brave enough to release their true warrior spirits - and return the rightful queen to her throne? The battle for Vermonia begins! Fabulous manga artwork highlights this graphic tale of four friends who hold the fate of three worlds in their hands.


Candlewick Press, paperback, 208 pages, published August 2009


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