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Venomnibus Volume 2 Hardcover


Complete your library of the symbiotic sensation’s 1990s solo series! A new Sin-Eater strikes! Venom journeys to the planet of the symbiotes and takes on an all-new Spider-Man: Ben Reilly! Threats mount including the Jury, Dr. Paine and a symbiote-hunting alien — and Venom and Wolverine share an interdimensional adventure! Eddie goes on trial, with Matt Murdock as his defense! But when Venom becomes a government-hired gun, it leads to clashes with Ghost Rider…and the original Spider-Man!

Collecting Venom: Sinner Takes All #1-5, Venom: Along Came A Spider #1-4, Venom: The Hunted #1-3, Venom: The Hunger #1-4, Venom: Tooth And Claw #1-3, Venom: On Trial #1-3, Venom: License To Kill #1-3, Venom: Seed Of Darkness #-1, Venom: Sign Of The Boss #1-2, Spider-Man: The Venom Agenda, Venom: The Finale #1-3, Uncanny Origins #7 and material from Amazing Spider-Man Super Special, Spider-Man Super Special, Venom Super Special, Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special, Web Of Spider-Man Super Special and Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995.

Written by Larry Hama, Dan Slott, Evan Skolnick, Len Kaminski, Ivan Velez, Bob Budiansky, David Michelinie & More, pencilled by Greg Luzniak, John Calimee, Ted Halsted, Joe St. Pierre, Patch Zircher, Derec Aucoin, Duncan Rouleau, Jim Calafiore, Joshua Hood, James Fry, Tom Derenick, Tom Lyle, Mark Pajarillo, Dave Hoover, Kyle Hotz, Darick Robertson, Steve Lightle & More, and cover artwork by Kyle Hotz.

Marvel, hardback, 1176 pages, published February 2019








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