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Vampirella Archives Volume 13 Hardcover

Can you withstand the bloodcurdling terrors found within the thirteenth volume of Vampirella Archives? Take a guided tour of the Warren Publishing library with horror hostess extraordinaire Vampirella, perusing some of her finest (and most fear-fraught) capers from yesteryear, plus a delightfully devilish selection of the era's best horror and science fiction stories. 
Confronting tales of murder machines and winged demons, vivacious were-panthers and killer clones, adventurous readers will thrill to the creative talent of horror luminaries Bill DuBay, Bruce Jones, Alex Toth, Auraleon, Rudy Nebres, and many more.
This edition of Vampirella Archives collects Vampirella Magazine issues #89 through to96, and features a wealth of bonus materials from a bygone era, including the "Feary Tales" feature on urban legends, the monthly "Scarlet Letters" column, "Vampi's Vault" of creator biographies and literary reviews, and more.
Written by Bill DuBay, Bruce Jones, Rich Margopoulos, Don Glut, Gerry Boudreau, Esteban Maroto, Michael Fleisher, Roger McKenzie, Nicola Cuti, Jim Stenstrum, John Lakey, Val Lakey, and Laura Buscemi, with art by Rudy Nebres, Auraleon, Jose Ortiz, Pablo Marcos, Leo Duranona, Alex Toth, Alfredo Alcala, Anton Caravana, Enrich, Esteban Maroto, Jose Gonzalez, Delando Nino, John Lakey, Val Lakey, Laura Buscemi, Ken Kelly, Luis Bermejo, and Masanabu Soto, with cover artwork by Enrich.
Dynamite, hardback, 400 pages, published December 2015 
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