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Vampire Cheerleaders Must Die! Volume 1

Adam Arnold
Michael Shelfer

For months, Lori Thurston and her coven of vampire cheerleaders have operated under the radar within the halls of Bakertown High School. As well-intentioned vampires with lots of school spirit, they live by a code to fang by: they never feed from fellow students, they never drink more than two pints of blood from the same victim at one time, and, most importantly, they never, ever kill. Upon discovering a mysterious car accident that suggests vampiric involvement, famed cryptid hunter Stephanie Kane and the other members of Paranormal Mystery Squad are hot on the vampire cheerleaders' trail. When the vampire cheerleaders and Paranormal Mystery Squad do cross paths, there is destined to be a supernatural showdown the likes of which Bakertown High has never seen!

Seven Seas, paperback, 192 pages, published July 2013


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