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Valen The Outcast Volume 1 : Abomination

Matteo Scalera

King Valen Brand was a just ruler and a great warrior until he was killed by the necromancer Korrus Null in battle and resurrected as one of the walking dead. Now he's considered an abomination in his own realm, an outcast with only one purpose: to restore his lost soul! Valen the Outcast is a blend of "epic fantasy" and "sword-and-sorcery" that is perfect for fans of A Game of Thrones and Conan the Barbarian.

Collecting issues #1 to 4 of the visceral new series, join Valen and his ragtag band of renegades and smugglers as they cut a path through his war-torn kingdom, fighting a dozen armies as they vie for his old throne. Written by Michael Alan Nelson, with art by Matteo Scalera and a cover by Trevor Hairsine.

Boom Studios, paperback, 128 pages, published June 2012

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