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Andrew Dabb

Gabriella Bukowsky is the most hardened Road Killer there is, a seasoned hijacker and mercenary-for-hire who answers to no one but herself. But being a resurrected sky-pirate isn’t always the limitless alcohol, booty, and senseless killing that it should be. Gabby’s easygoing, felony-laden daily life is starting to go from bad to worse. Her car is totalled, her credit is maxed out, her hostage is missing, and if she can’t get her business back up and running soon, she might find herself in a place worse than retail!

Welcome to Vaistron, the new SLG Publishing graphic novel collecting the comic book miniseries by Boussourir and Andrew Dabb published in 2005 through 2006. Vaistron is a dark, depraved and humorous science fiction action-adventure with more robots, prostitutes, inept policemen and superfluous exhaust pipes than you can shake a stick at.

Boussourir’s gritty, over-the-top storytelling and irreverent humour couple with his highly stylized visuals in a story that he says is about “the little things that make life so enjoyable: Guns, Cars, Money and Robot Porno. More specifically, it is about a kidnapping gone horribly wrong in a chaotic, futuristic megapolis called Vaistron.”

Co-writer Andrew Dabb elaborates: “Gabby, our somewhat unstable main character, and her sin obsessed, robotic ‘gal Friday’, Rekoton, are our main characters. They thought kidnapping the girlfriend of the richest man in Vaistron and holding her for ransom would be a gold mine, but it hasn’t really turned out that way. Now pretty much the entire city is after them, and the destruction and carnage that follows is a lot of fun.”

Readers should be warned, however: The fun in Vaistron is definitely of the grown-up variety. The setting of Vaistron is one of complete moral anarchy, with every combination of violence, sex, robots and cannibalism that one can -- and cannot -- imagine. The violence- and smut-riddled fun can be yours in April 2008, with the release of the Vaistron graphic novel.

Slave Labor Graphics, 182 pages, paperback, published April 2008


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