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Universe X Volume 2 (new edition)

Jim Krueger
Alex Ross

The next chapter in the critically acclaimed and award-winning "X" trilogy gets reprinted at last. The Earth is in a state of civil war. Within, the demise of the Celestial at the planet's core has left the world a hollow Earth indeed, with a re-polarization process that will lead to the deaths of every man and woman on the face of the planet.


Upon the world, the mutated populace of Earth now seeks to unseat the authority of the heroes who protected and served them in the days when they were only human. Leading them in this charge against the powers that be is Mr. Church - who, unknown to the masses, is Mephisto, the very devil of ancient legend.


And in the wake of Captain America's death, the remaining heroes on Earth have rallied around the re-born Captain Mar-Vell and his crusade to bring an end to the power of Death itself. A crusade that will lead to a series of revelations that will unearth the secret of multiple realities that lie at the heart of the Kree-Skrull War and the very nature of heroism itself.


Collecting Universe X #8 - 12, X, Beasts, Iron Men and Omnibus; written by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger; pencilled by Doug Braithwaite, Thomas Yeates, Ron Randall and Brent Anderson and featuring a cover by Alex Ross.


Marvel, paperback, 328 pages, published February 2007


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