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Unity Volume 6 : The War-Monger

Matt Kindt
Jefte Palo
Out of the darkest recesses of the 20th century…the War-Monger rises to rage against the combined might of Valiant’s most elite superteam! For thousands of years, the Eternal Warrior has waged battle; and for thousands of years, one spirit has vexed him…the spirit of warfare itself. Today, Gilad Anni-Padda and his teammates in Unity must reckon with a long – thought-forgotten enemy–unseen since Unit-Y faced it in World War II – now returned to bring destruction and death to the heroes once and for all. Unity may not survive the coming of War-Monger!
From New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (Divinity, Super Spy) and red hot artists Jose Luis and Jefte Palo, the unstoppable War-Monger tears a swath through the ranks of Unity right here in the next volume of the chart topping series IGN calls " a big superhero book done right." Collecting Unity issues #19 to 22, with cover artwork from Kano.
Valiant, paperback, 112 pages, published November 2015 




Valiant Entertainment




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