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Uncle Sam

Steve Darnall
Alex Ross

A man in striped trousers and tattered star-spangled cloths lies in the gutter of the street of an American city. He hears voices, experiences flashbacks to... To his past? To parts of American history? Are they real or is he just a hallucinating old bum living on the streets of a modern, uncaring society? Or could he be Uncle Sam, the spirit of the American Dream, shattered because of the disparity of the ideals the republic was meant to uphold and the actual reality of modern America?

This is a gorgeous little book examining the difference between the lofty Englightenment era ideals of the American Revolution and the reality of a greedy, corporate powerhouse. The scenes where a confused, bedraggled Sam meets other national icons including a weary Britannia with a tired old lion ("They said the sun would never set on me, Sam") and a Russian Bear who has seen better days is excellent. Ultimately this book is saying that a nation can only be as good as its ideals if its citizens endeavour to make it so instead of leaving it to the hands of a few to run as they see fit.

DC, paperback, 112 pages, published May 2000


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