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Uncanny X-Men Volume 2 : Broken Premiere Hardcover

Frazer Irving

The all-new, all-revolutionary Uncanny X-Men have barely had time to find their footing as a team before they must face the evil Dormammu! Can Magik match the demon’s lord’s sorcery? Is she even on the X-Men’s side anymore? Discover the secrets Magik has been hiding since AVX! Then: School is in session! The Uncanny X-Men have seen what can happen with no control over their powers. It cannot happen again. One mutant learns that once you leave the X-Men, the real world can be a punishing place. Another learns just what it means to be an X-Man. But what, exactly, are they being trained for?

Plus: Cyclops and Magneto finally have it out! And which other former ally has signed up with S.H.I.E.L.D. to keep tabs on the X-Men? Collecting Uncanny X-Men (2013) issues #6-11, written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencilled by Frazer Irving and Chris Bachalo, with cover artwork by Chris Bachalo.

Marvel, paperback, 144 pages, published November 2013



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