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Ultimatum Hardcover Cover B

Jeph Loeb
Joe Madureira

The complete Ultimatum event packed into one massive hardcover! For what they’ve done, they must pay the ultimate price! Eastern Europe is frozen over in a new Ice Age. The Amazon is on fire with volcanic eruptions. A massive tidal wave drowns Manhattan. Heroes will rise. Heroes will fall. All will face the Ultimatum.

Also, plunged into a world of shifting alliances and unknown motives, where few are who they appear to be and all are on edge wondering what will happen next, the Ultimates must feel their way through the dark maze of a conspiracy that will inevitably rock the entire world!

Collecting Ultimatum issues #1 to 5 and Ultimates 3 #1 to 5, written by Jeph Loeb, pencilled by David Finch and Joe Madureira, with covers by Joe Madureira and Michael Turner.

Marvel, hardback, 272 pages, published November 2010


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