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Ultimatum Companion Hardcover

Stuart Immonen

The end is nigh! Eastern Europe is frozen solid in the grip of a sudden ice age. A tidal wave of biblical proportions mercilessly sweeps through New York City. Millions have been killed and countless more injured or displaced — among them Spider-Man, and members of the X-Men and Fantastic Four. And Magneto is to blame.

In the wake of this unimaginable catastrophe, is it a time to repent? Or is it a time for revenge? See Ultimatum through the eyes of New York City’s most gallant defender and two of the world’s greatest super-teams — or what’s left of them, at least! The Ultimate Universe of heroes will truly never be the same.

Collecting Ultimate Fantastic Four #58-60, Requiem; Ultimate Spider-Man #129-133, Requiem #1-2; Ultimate X-Men #98-100, Requiem; March On Ultimatum Saga and Marvel Spotlight: Ultimatum, written by Brian Michael Bendis, Aron E. Coleite & Joe Pokaski, pencilled by Stuart Immonen, David Lafuente, Mark Bagley, Tyler Kirkham, Mark Brooks, Ben Oliver & Robert Atkins, with a cover by David Finch.

Marvel, hardback, 488 pages, published May 2011




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