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Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 12 Hardcover

Peter Parker's world has a new set of rules: The Daily Bugle is defunct, the Kingpin has been deposed, Midtown High has another hero roaming its halls -- and New York City absolutely adores Spider-Man! But Peter has issues, too: a new girlfriend, drama involving his old one, Aunt May turning her home into a boarding house and the hot-headed Mysterio on the loose!

Plus: Spidey, the Human Torch and Iceman discover their neighbour possesses some powers of his own. But how the teenager acquired them and what he's capable of are as big a mystery to Peter and his friends as to Rick Jones himself. Meanwhile, with mutants outlawed, what happens when federal agents learn where Kitty Pryde's been hiding? And what can Spider-Man do about it when mysterious imposter has taken his place?

Collecting Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2009) issues #1 to 14, written by Brian Michael Bendis, pencilled by David Lafuente and Takeshi Miyazawa, with cover artwork by David Lafuente.

Marvel, hardback, 144 pages, published May 2012


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