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Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Volume 1

Mark Bagley

Collecting the groundbreaking first year of Ultimate Spider-Man in one colossal trade paperback! High school, puberty, first dances - there are many pitfalls to being young. Compound these with intense personal tragedy and super human powers, and you can start to visualize the world of Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man.


Following the murder of his uncle and the Green Goblin's assault on his high school, Peter finds himself on the brink of manhood: getting a job at the Daily Bugle to help support his widowed aunt and taking on extracurricular activities - such as bringing down the Kingpin, the head of organized crime in New York City!


Collecting Ultimate Spider-Man issues #1 – 13; written by the excellent Brian Michael Bendis, with pencils and cover artwork by his regular collaborator, the equally excellent Mark Bagley.  


Marvel, paperback, 352 pages, published March 2007


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